Traditionally cold Russian months bring students from sunny countries to RSMU. In the period of November 2019 – January 2020 the University accepted in total 11 students from Brazil, Mexico and Italy for medical practice. Currently there are two students from Thailand and one from Chile on practice at RSMU. For one month those students worked as a part of the hospital staff at various departments: the Department of General Surgery; the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery; the Department of Dermatovenerology; the Department of Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology; the Department of Oncology.

The students were extremely satisfied with the clerkship, the new knowledge and skills they gained. The Department of General Surgery (Emergency Care Hospital) received the most positive feedback of all. One Brazilian student was highly impressed with the practice her tutor Alexander Kopeykin had organized for her and shared her gratitude in a letter:

“Dear Prof. Dr. Alexander Anatolievitch,

I would like to thank you for the highly productive experience that I had during my internship as a General Surgery intern. It was an honor for me to be working with you, your team and I am highly indebted to you for taking out the time to mentor me. I appreciate your time and patience in answering my questions and finding interesting tasks for me to do. I felt you personally went out of your way to ensure I understood every aspect of the General Surgery Department. I know that this experience will be invaluable as I complete my graduation at the Medical School.

The skills I’ve learned at the hospital helped me to develop a practical understanding to complement the theoretical knowledge of General Surgery I acquired at my Medical University in Brazil. The workplace culture at the General Surgery Department here in the Ryazan Hospital motivated me to do my best and the variety of procedures (open surgeries, video surgeries, patient inspection/evaluation, clinical meeting, etc.) I worked on gave me an insight into the inner workings in the General Surgery area. Also, I felt very welcome and comfortable with all your staff (Nurses, Doctors, Post-Graduation Students, etc.) and can´t imagine working in a friendlier environment. If possible, please share my gratitude with your staff.

This internship has helped me in my final decision to pursue a career as a doctor in General Surgery. I look forward keeping in touch and seek your guidance as I plan out my career”.