Current Internet Issues Seen by RSMU Students

Students are the most active users of the Internet and there is much evidence proving that the Global Web influences them. Nowadays the youth can quickly post anything on the Internet and comment on different issues freely. They consider the Online world to be a necessary part of their daily life. However, the degree of the Internet influence on students is different and one man's meat is another man's poison.

On February 18 a workshop “Current Internet Issues” was held at Ryazan State Medical University. RSMU staff and students discussed the impact of the World Wide Web on the youth and their way of life.

RSMU Rector Roman E. Kalinin, Advisor to the Rector's Office for International Issues Alexander A. Dobychin, Vice-rector for Extracurricular Activities and International Issues Mariya V. Gordova and Associate Professor of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Vladimir V. Novikov touched upon those up-to-date issues.

Roman Kalinin addressed the students and noted that today's issue was particularly pertinent to the discussion:

- In recent years social media has become deeply integrated in our everyday life. Telegram is now being very actively developed not as a classical social network, but as a news channel and electronic media. It is important to know not only where and how to get latest news, but also how to perceive and correctly interpret it. Today I would like to establish a dialogue with you as active users of the Internet, because we need to have an effective information policy and run various social networks that are interesting and helpful for University students.

Mariya V. Gordova noted that the Internet was a source of information, communication, entertainment, education for current students. The modern generation knows everything about high technology surrounding us, so they can share their thoughts and experience.

Vladimir V. Novikov revealed mechanisms of the destructive impact of certain communities on social networks.  Media impact and influence on the youth is inevitable.  According to the psychiatrist, the primary goal is to develop techniques for suggestive influence on consciousness, and the ultimate goal is to recruit adherents of international terrorism.

It should be mentioned that the issue has two sides to every question. It is, however, important that the youth makes ethical and judicious use of the facilities provided to them. Do make the most of the Internet, but be wise in all thoughts and actions!