RSMU is a place where various cultures and nationalities are united together. Being a home to more than 1000 foreign citizens, our students have a special privilege of studying and living in an amazing international environment. This year it was decided to create a special social club for those students who want to practice different languages and learn them together.

The first meeting of the “LANGUAGE TIME” club was extremely exciting and flawless. More than 70 students from different faculties gathered  to boost their language skills. Students from Africa were telling Russian students about their cultural peculiarities in English, while Russians taught them how to pronounce some difficult Russian phrases. “We changed placed with the foreign students and realized how difficult it is to be in another country and speak its local language. We are impressed of how good the international students speak the Russian language!” - said one of the students in the end of the discussion.

The “LANGUAGE TIME” is an amazing opportunity for every student to practice a new language, to meet new friends from all around the world and to share their cultural experience with others. The meetings of the club are expected to be held every Wednesday, at 5.30 p.m (the room to be confirmed). Everybody is welcome to join and bring their communicational skills to a new level!