FOIS Students Receive Governmental Awards

It's impossible to imagine how the world would manage without volunteers, especially during a pandemic, when several times more assistance is required than usual.

On December, 23 RSMU Rector Roman Kalinin expressed profound gratitude to international students who had volunteered to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection and handed Letters of Appreciation from the Governor of the Ryazan Region to them.

FOIS students were the first to connect to preventing the spread of the new coronavirus infection.  Facing the unprecedented situation, they were focused on delivering food and medicine parcels to the housebound, especially to elderly people, and helping health-care worker. The lack of masks prompted students to sew masks that were distributed to the needy.

It should be mentioned that volunteering brings up the most important qualities of doctors-to-be – discipline, mercy and extreme patience. Thus, it enables students to unite and become stronger at that difficult time.

The following RSMU volunteers were marked with Letters of Appreciation:

  •  Alymov Alym
  •  Babadjanov Yusup
  •  Baron Oghenemeveroso Blesst
  •  Dzhimoh Kamaldin Iyanda
  •  Imoikor Teresa Imazegboya
  •  Yakusak Evangeline Ezra
  •  Karaev Shavkatjon Khakimovich
  •  Kurama Jael Shiaiet
  •  Mbussa Minisini Fanowi Singapore
  •  Osei-Owusu William Agyei Jr.
  •  Osei-Owusu William Agyei Sr.
  •  Osman Abbass
  •  Othman Hassan
  •  Salimo Nidia Yasmin Romao
  •  Seidkulieva Adamiana
  •  Soliman Kirelos Fahim Fahmi
  •  Khodjaev Begench